• Description

    The parametric form-found and design-build project was the first of its kind in Lebanon, crossing emerging and cutting edge worldwide technologies within a rural context. The structure was designed and built during the Global Summer School Beirut 2017, locally organized and hosted by AUB – American University of Beirut in collaboration with IAAC - Institute of Advanced Architecture, with the support of the Municipality of Douma, Lebanon. Bringing in an international team of 13 participants, designers, engineers, to design, fabricate and assemble a parametric shell structure to activate the public space at the entrance of the village

  • Category

    Advanced Architecture - Social Design

  • Status

    Built and installed in the Village of Douma, Lebanon

  • Credits

    Raffi Tchakerian, Stephanie Bashir, AUB - American Unviersity of Beirut / IAAC - Institute of Advanced Architecture of Catalonia

  • Tasks

    Workshop Organization
    Concept Definition
    Design Development
    Technology Research
    Coding & Parametrics
    Project Management